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My work provides me with the opportunity to travel so it’s natural to try and visit other woodworkers along the way.

Here, you can learn a little about some of the folks I’ve dropped in on...and some of the folks who have visited the Saws ’N Dust shop here in SE PA. I hope that you’ll make an effort to visit with other woodworkers, too. It’s been very rewarding and a whole lot of fun!

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Brunch in Phoeinx

Click on this pictuer for a larger view in a separate window...7 April 2002: One of the highlights of our New Mexico and Arizona road-trip vacation was sharing brunch with a number of Phoenix Arizona area woodworkers who participate in the WOOD ONLINE discussion groups. Alison and I really enjoyed the meal and the fellowship. Interestingly enough, most of the participants had never met each other in person, although all had been interacting online for some time. A great big thanks goes out to Dave Falkenstein for making the arrangements at Mimi’s for the event, too!

Dave Malen - Dresher, PA

Click on the photo to see a larger view in a separate window...Dave Malen has visited my shop a few times in the past few months to chat about dust collection and other woodworking topics. A teacher & administrator in the Philadelphia School District, his woodworking serves as a great outlet after a hard day...and the quality of his work is awesome. Several of the pieces that grace his home feature hand-cut dovetails and incredible figured lumber in their construction.

Dave’s basement shop is equally impressive with a well-thought-out layout and plenty of light. He also has a dedicated finishing room that permits use of just about any kind of finish without affecting the living environment in the house above. He recently added a cyclone and external cartridge filter to his dust collection system and it’s pretty efficient from what I can see.

RIchard King - S Carolina

Click on the photo for a larger view in a separate window....Richard visited the Saws ’N Dust shop in December of 2002 while traveling on business. We had been communicating occasionally and he realized that his business meetings were just nearby. After the “tour”, we talked about his baby cradle project and and turning activites as well as the Shaker style round stand I was working on at the time. (turned post and partially completed legs in the forground)

Jill Biros - Bucks County PA

Click on this picture to go to Jill's web site...Jill is an out- standing turner with an outstanding story--so much so that Martha Stewart’s Magazine recent devoted three pages to her. This Bucks County PA resident and mother of two offers bowls and vessels crafted from reclaimed local timber, often with engraving or coloring that enhances their beauty.

Jill still studied with the renowned wood turner and teacher the late Palmer Sharpless. She has been marketing her work via the Internet in addition to several craft shows in which she regularly exhibits. Repeat customers are common--once you have one of her pieces in your collection, you want more!
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Phil Brennion
Chino Valley, Arizona

An important stop on our Spring 2002 New Mexico and Arizona vacation itinerary was just north of Prescott Arizona. Fellow WOOD ONLINE D-Group host Phil Brennion’s home and woodturning shop is located there in a beautiful setting. Surrounded by interesting mountains, this laid-back area is perfect for an artisan to live and work. For those of you who are not familiar with Phil, he’s a principle with a great artists’ cooperative in Prescott, a busy teacher in turning and sculpture, a noted woodturner in his own right and serves on the board of directors of the American Association of Woodturners.

Phil and I spent a few hours in his well-organized shop (he’ll smile at that description...) making a very nice section of box elder log look more like a Native American southwestern-style vessel--one of Phil’s specialties. If you’re interested in some of Phil’s work, you can see some online at the Kestrel Creek site or visit the Arts Prescott Gallery in Prescott Arizona. Below, you can see some pictures of our time together during my visit.

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