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This version of Saws ’N Dust was developed with Macromedia’s Dreamweaver MX. Dreamweaver provides great cross-browser compatibility and a wonderful visual environment for working with tables and sliced/diced graphics.

Graphics were developed, massaged and/or obliterated in Micrografix (Corel) Picture Publisher and photos were taken with a Nikon CoolPix 880 digital camera. The text is “Trebuchet”, unless your particular computer doesn’t support it--all current versions of Microsoft Windows include this font.

Something new for this version of Saws ’N Dust is the ellimination of all the nasty nested tables that were previously used to organize content on each page. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to provide all the formating and positioning. This technology considerably cleans up the code and also makes future revisions much easier to effect. Rather than totally rebuilding the site when I want to change the look slightly, I only have to make changes in one master file. Of course, this technology requires that the viewer be using a current version of their favorite browser and those with old versions may see “funky” formating or automatically be redirected to an upgrade site. This new design was tested with IE 6.0, Netscape 7.0, Opera 7.2x (nice browser!) and Mozilla 1.1. If you have an earlier browser version, consider upgrading to gain better support for new standards and better viewing of modern web sites!

Previous versions of Saws ’N Dust were developed using Microsoft’s FrontPage which is also easy to use. However FrontPage did not produce pages that serviced browsers well, other than Internet Explorer, of course. Many folks reported problems when viewing the site using Netscape, Opera and other browsers. That problem is now a thing of the past, at least with this site!

Saws ’N Dust is hosted at I have been very pleased with the speed, access and cost for this service and recommend it highly. If you contact them, please indicate that you were referred by CID 45259.

Resources used to develop this site:

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