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This page and links contain my impressions on particular tools and products you might be interested in. If you have particular questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Festool OF 1400 EQ Plus Router [NEW!]

Mini Max FS-350 Jointer Planer

Festool PS-300 EQ Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Grizzly G0500 8" Long Bed Jointer
by Terry Nielson

The “Grizzly” GO500 Jointer is a massive machine. Even though it adds only two inches of additional capacity over a 6" jointer, the machine itself is significantly larger. [Read More]

Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

I love this spray gun! It’s priced right at $129 and does a great job with most finishes. [Read More]

Dewalt DW618K Router Kit

Dewalt’s latest router entry first caught my eye at the IWF show in Atlanta in late much so that I spent close to 40 minutes speaking with one of the engineers that designed it... [Read More]

Excalibur Overarm Blade Guard

I’m a strong believer in overarm blade guards. When I bought my Jet left-tilt cabinet saw, I soon equipped it with a Delta UniGuard system modified for dust collection capability. Somewhere along the way, I became acquainted with the Excalibur overarm blade guard and decided that I would upgrade to this system when the price was right...
[Read More]

Biesemeyer Snap-In Splitter

Like most folks, when I assembled my table saw, I tried the stock splitter/guard assembly out once or twice and then left it lie in a corner somewhere. Those safety devices, while important, are almost unusable for a variety of reasons... [Read More]

Jack Rabbit Deluxe

The popularity of using countersunk screws in woodworking is not’s a basic construction technique that’s perfect for a variety of projects where a mechanical fastener is needed or desired. But the process of drilling countersunk pilot holes and driving those screws home for a long time required either two drills equipped with the appropriate bits or taking time to change over from drilling to driving. [Read more]

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Flexeel Air Hose

Compressed air is almost a must in any woodworking shop as air-powered fastening tools are now affordable and more useful than ever. But the heavy rubber hoses traditionally used to get from the compressor to the tool are often hard to manage, especially in colder weather. [Read More]


TS Aligner Jr

Proper alignment of your power tools is an essential part of maintaining them. Even right out of the box, they often need some adjustment to help them perform both safely and efficiently. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this task, including using precision measuring tools, like the TS Aligner Jr. [Read More]



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