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Projects are what makes a woodworking shop earn it’s keep. Here are some that might be of interest to you. Some will have plans available, too!

Folding Outfeed Table System

When I expanded my shop, I determined that using my workbench for outfeed support behind my table saw was no longer desirable for a number of reasons. So I sat down at the computer and using DesignCAD, developed a folding outfeed support system that was flexible and easy to use. You can build the same system for your saw...and several of you already have. [Read More]

Cantilevered Miter Stand

Click on the image for a larger view in a separate window...This cantilevered miter station is patterned after Chris Gochnour's design as featured in Fine Woodworking (Jan/Feb 2001 pg 46-47).

It features unimpeded lumber storage above and below and a large, flat surface for easy material handling. The table top also serves to support several auxiliary tools, such as a Krieg Pocket Screw jig, a Leigh dovetail jig and an oscillating spindle sander.

Set at 34" high, the workstation does not interfere with long cross-cuts being worked on the table saw. A keyed removable fence system makes reconfiguration fast and easy and reinstallation is exact every time. Future modifications will include a blank insert to make a continuous table top for extra assembly space or other needs. Construction pictures are online as a pictorial.

Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

This rewarding project series started out as my nieces and nephews moved to a new home in the winter of 2001. Each of the girls now had their own rooms, but were seriously lacking in “fine furniture” to fill out the space. Being a somewhat caring uncle...and a woodworker...the solution was simple. Build them what they needed. [Read More]


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3-Legged Dining Chairs

Inspired by George Nakashima’s “Mira Chair” (mid-height version), this challenging project promises to require new skills with hand tools and working with compound angles. Six of the chairs will be made for the set. [Read More]

Mobile Kitchen Island

Our home features a large kitchen that for all it’s amenities, has far too little counter work space and storage accommodations. While we’ll someday renovate to solve these issues and more to better support our needs, some immediate help was needed. Hence, this project. [Read More]


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