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Here you’ll find articles of interest to woodworkers, tips and hints as well as some illustrative pictorials. Enjoy!

Cantilevered Miter Station

With unimpeded lumber storage above and below and a large, flat surface for easy material handling, this miter station was just the thing for the Saws ’N Dust shop.

Ellsworth School Of Woodturning

The Ellsworth School of Woodturning was established in 1990 so that David could provide a high-quality, small group learning environment for beginning and intermediate wood turners.

“Backyard” Lumber Milling

Those of you who had been following the Saga of “Saws ’N Dust” on the WOOD ONLINE discussion groups a few years ago will recall that we ended up with a large pile of logs when a new septic system was installed on the property.

Vacuum Chucking for the Lathe

If there is any tool in the wood shop that could be considered a “consumer”, the lathe would be it. The cost of the lathe is almost immaterial unless you’re buying one of the large, premium tools. The real investment is in the tools, sharpening and accessories! Learn about using a vacuum pump to hold blanks on your lathe! [Read More]

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Breadboard Ends

Learn how to make Breadboard Ends that accomodate wood movement.

Jet 6" Jointer - Infeed Depth Adjustment Mechanism Repair

There’s something about putting your hand on the infeed adjustment wheel on your jointer and discovering that you can no longer raise the table.


Other How-To Articles

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